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The Retirement Planning Expert 2020/21®




Packed with straightforward, practical easy to understand information The Retirement Planning Expert 2020/21 includes hundreds of hints and tips to help you adapt and thrive and achieve a better lifestyle in retirement.

This book will show you the expert way on all of the following and more:


downsizing property costs and upsizing leisure, holidays, hobbies and personal relationships during the glidepath into retirement

• translating complex financial “information” on pensions, tax and savings into steps that you can actually understand and act upon in your 40s, 50s and 60s

saving more, balancing your books and avoiding the scammers

earning more – whether you need a small amount to supplement a pension or want to ditch a corporate job and go out on your own or volunteer and give back

• getting to grips with the difficult but unavoidable topics of wills, lasting powers of attorney and inheritance tax- these are not as difficult as they might seem at first

• and the special pressures on the “sandwich generation” – people coping at the same time with helping both young-adult dependants and elderly relatives in need of care.

Written specifically for UK readers and updated for the 2020 budget announcements and the ‘reset’ moment brought about by Covid 19, this is a book you will refer to again and again as you build towards a better retirement.  


Theirs is the Glory Arnhem, Hurst and Conflict on Film REVIEWS  

“Theirs is the Glory was honest in its presentation of events and this book will help you appreciate the men, the movie and the history perhaps even more than you do already.” Mark Barnes War History Online 21 November 2016 https://www.warhistoryonline.com/reviews/glory-arnhem-hurst-conflict-film-review-mark-barnes.html

A fascinating niche that I think will intrigue those who want to know all there is to know about the 1st Airborne Division experience at Arnhem and Oosterbeek. The Eagle.

A series of well-illustrated independent essays on some though not every aspect of Hurst s work as a re-creator of conflict on screen. In that they have achieved what they set out to do, clearing the way for further research on and analysis of Hurst and of the films which he made. --Journal of Irish Studies

 The depth of research on the central film is impressive as is its quest to fill out the story of the participants thereafter and is a considerable addition to the literature of the Battle of Arnhem. --Society of Friends of National Army Museum Newsletter






The film ‘Theirs is the Glory’ (released on 17 September 1946) is the definitive story of the Battle of Arnhem and was the biggest-grossing war film in the UK for a decade and is the centrepiece of this new book.   Directed by my Uncle, Brian Desmond Hurst I have used our archives to also chronicle his films from the 1920s and Hurst’s ‘Ourselves Alone’ (and the War of Independence in Ireland, where his film was banned in Northern Ireland) to the 1950s and ‘Simba’ and the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya.  This book shows why Hurst was an enigma, but a master of the genre, and at his very best when focusing on the subject of conflict on the vast canvas of film. Hardback, almost 400 pages and over 350 images and available from Helion and Company at  


http://www.helion.co.uk/new-and-forthcoming-titles/theirs-is-the-glory-arnhem-hurst-and-conflict-on-film.html or I can supply directly, just email me at allan@allaneslersmith.com (£20 plus £3 P&P)

Email allan@allaneslersmith.com or call me on 07775 696052